Ecotao wipes, for ethical beauty

For ethical beauty, why not transform a daily gesture into an eco-responsible action beneficial to health and the environment? By choosing to use reusable makeup remover wipes ECOTAO , you participate in the Zero Waste movement, you encourage local, ethical and solidarity buying, then you take care of yourself while taking care of the planet.


Made of bamboo and organic cotton of superior quality, entirely made in Montreal by an integration and social economy company "Les Petites-Mains", these wipes have one side allowing deep cleaning and one side super soft for the most sensitive skin. A real hug for the skin!

Without chemicals , they therefore limit the risk of allergy. A little more; they are offered in a box made of biodegradable bamboo fibres . Arousing a real enthusiasm even among beauty professionals, we do not wonder why these just perfect wipes have deserved the " Canada 2020 Beauty Accessory Innovation Award"!

In organic cotton, they are the perfect complement for a relaxing and comfortable moment during your daily beauty routine. The material is just perfect and the size, ideal! We can't live without it (seriously).

For quick and effective make-up removal:

1- Apply water and your favorite makeup remover to the wipe

2- Remove make-up / cleanse your face with the wipe

3- Put the wipe in the wash and reuse it!

“Acting also means raising awareness, opening awareness to build a cleaner future. Let's be beautiful and take care of ourselves by preserving our environment. – Ecotao.

PSST! Did you know that disposable makeup remover wipes create over 40,000 tonnes of waste per year in Canada?

Respect your skin and your environment by choosing Ecotao !


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