Black Pearl argan oil

From its scientific name Argania Spinosa, Argan oil has been used since time immemorial in Africa . It is found especially in Morocco where all women use it to preserve the beauty of their hair and beautify the skin.


Argan oil has many virtues for the face, body and hair. It is one of the richest vitamin E oils. Cold pressed, it regenerates, hydrates and softens the skin. Its translucent texture also gives radiance to the skin. Not to mention that this organic oil also helps fortify and nourish the hair.

For who ?

Ideal for all hair types (dry, colored, etc.), but especially frizzy hair, argan oil significantly reduces protein loss. This has the effect of protecting the cuticles. Because healthy hair has a smooth and firm cuticle. This guarantees the shine of the hair.

How to use it ?

It can be applied in massage directly on the face, the whole body and the hair.

For a more intensive hair treatment, it can also be used as a night mask and rinsed off only the next morning. It can also be used as a conditioner after the usual shampoo.

Why choose Perle Noire argan oil?

Perle Noire argan oil is 100% natural, pure and organic, it contains no other additives and is kept in a glass bottle to preserve all its quality.

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