Purify body & soul with the fumigation ritual


You have certainly seen the novelty in the Zahka universe: the cedar & sage stick.

So why did we want to present such a creation to you? Quite simply because we are precisely your conscious beauty wellness area. And that undeniably goes through a healthy interior, that crucial starting point in the pursuit of overall beauty.


Fumigation, why?

A story of energies that circulate inside but also outside of each of us. Just like when we live in a toxic and unbalanced environment, it necessarily rubs off on our inner light, this shine that we can perceive with the naked eye on happy people.

The fumigation ritual, since the dawn of time, is the most used means for the purification of its interior and exterior (to accompany a meditation, to ward off bad energies, etc.)

Like frankincense, sage and cedar have a sacred and religious character for certain peoples. We have chosen to create with our wonderful partner June Cosmétique a stick that combines the power of these last two plants.

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