A Natural Ritual To Save Your Hair!

February 2020, my hair was falling apart. A chemically puffed mane after the – barely impulsive – decision to color it blonde.

You should know that I am almost black brunette naturally, I had come a long way eh. A few months later, after finding an ideal and 100% natural shampoo / conditioner routine, I was missing a little something in my ritual to boost everything.

After testing several oils, I finally found the holy grail for hair: argan oil. Elhora !


How to use argan oil on hair?

At first, I did like most of us: a few drops on the lengths and ends to hydrate. I'll tell you that's not where I saw big miracles. When you think about it, on a dead hair like mine, you can give it a cardiac massage as good as it is, hard to bring it back to life!

After a good month, my brain finally had this salutary spark that changed my life, well, at least, that of my hair. Argan oil naturally stimulates the production of keratin. Since that revealing flash, it's become a weekly ritual.

Once or twice a week, 10-15 minutes before my shampoo, I apply the equivalent of a 1/2 dose on the parting (of my hair obviously) and I spread the products all over the scalp in massage . With your hands or with a gua-sha, guaranteed orgasmic moment.


Why argan oil Elhora ?

Because the branding is already magnificent, but not only. It's also a Quebec brand – always cool to support local – it's 100% pure and organic.

Unlike several argan oils that I have tested, that of Elhora absorbs very easily, without leaving any greasy film.

Not only do I use it on my hair, but also on the scars on my body, and again, I'm completely amazed at how effective it is. If only I had it with me when I opened my brow bone a few years ago. Better late than never !

And you, what is your ritual to keep your hair healthy?

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