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Basically, it's the filter through which you perceive reality and it's also the canvas of your evolution because ALL of your potential is inscribed there. once deciphered, the chart of the sky reflects the cosmic imprint of your being, your soul and even your destiny. It contains your psychological baggage resulting from your heredity, but shaped by your past and colored by your perception of the events that mark your route and trace your path. it translates your behaviors, your character traits, your strengths and your weaknesses. it depicts all areas of your existence.

Your chart of the stars also holds the enigma of your future because it contains your potential for self-development. by studying the planetary cycles, we can determine the important stages of a life. as the planetary positions are listed very long in advance by astronomical observations, it is possible, by studying the planetary transits transmitted via ephemerides, to establish forecasts over a long period of time. thus, deciphering your chart of the sky allows you to be in control of your life, quite simply.

By providing you with the total special guidance, you are giving yourself the chance and the privilege of preparing well for the next twelve months of your life thanks to precise details which will be revealed to you after the consultation prepared at a distance (in the form of a downloadable document) and thanks to valuable advice about all spheres of life: love, family, friends, work and finance.

yes, all aspects will be covered in the document you will receive so that you can better anticipate your future. our medium's mission is to discover EVERYTHING for you in order to direct you to the path of success and abundance.

he will also analyze your star chart (which you will receive with keywords for each astrological aspect) so that he can discover what brought you to where you are now and to highlight the strong points as well as the weak points on which worked your personality. every detail for each month of your next year is unveiled thanks to a personalized draw for you that he performs with his tarot deck. all this IN ORDER TO EXTRACT THE MOST BENEFITS AND BENEFITS on your future year. ​

So, what will be your luckiest moments in the next twelve months? what will be the issues you will have to face and what will be the best solutions to avoid the worst possible situations?

it is obviously not a question of scripting the future as if it were fixed and interchangeable, but rather of revealing your future life to you as the universe perceives it and of making you discover the next important cycles of the year in question .

In short, our total intuitive guidance over twelve months is a turnkey personal development tool that you can read at the beginning of each month or whenever you want. it is also a UNIQUE AND COMPLETE guidance to take the right direction in your life when there are several possible alternatives and/or a concrete way for you to have certain answers to your questions. you still have free will over your future, but knowing your possibilities as a human and the events that may occur due to your choices will make you grow and evolve faster.




~ how does it work? ~

1. you buy the total intuitive guidance over twelve months.

2. IMPORTANT: in the comment section, when the time has come to pay, you must tell the medium your date and time of birth as well as your city of birth.

3. the total intuitive guidance over twelve months that you have ordered is carried out by following the information that you have transmitted about yourself and by basing us on the tarot cards that will come out during the guidance done in calm thinking of you . the medium connects to your energy through your birth information. you receive the multi-page document in less than a week. thereafter, the medium remains at your disposal if you have any questions about the writings.

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