I have to tell you about my recent discovery: period panties!

You've probably heard of it before, but personally it took a while to reach my ears.

I was a little skeptical at first, but let's face it: having the feeling of wearing a grandmother's diaper because of a thick sanitary napkin, feeling her tampon move, having trouble removing her cup or ask his colleague to check if the back of our pants is not stained, it's hell! It is for this reason that I decided to test this alternative to traditional hygienic protection methods.

So why should you absolutely test it?

1- More comfort in complete safety.

While the tampon is intrusive to the body, it is also harmful due to some toxic chemical components, just like the sanitary napkin. Period panties, on the other hand, are (normally) made of absorbent materials that are harmless to the body and offer a wide range of choices depending on your flow (heavy or not). So, no nasty surprises of stained sheets or pants! At the end of the day, simply rinse the period panties in cold water until the water runs clear, before putting them in the washing machine on low.

2- More economical

With inflation, the cost of living increases and feminine hygiene products are not spared. I'll let you do the math on how much your period costs you each year in pads, tampons, and other methods of protection. Unlike these methods, period panties are reusable. After buying 3 or 5 panties, you will have peace of mind for many years! Can you imagine all the dollars you'll save for your next vacation, your future cottage or your crush on your next shopping trip?! It's SICK! Also note that we do not pay taxes on it, what more could you ask for?

3- More ecological

Did you know that every second 1,447 sanitary napkins are used around the world? This represents no less than 45 billion sanitary napkins thrown away each year as well as 7 million tampons! A real disaster for the planet since it takes between 500 and 800 years for these hygienic products to degrade, making this industry, according to Greenpeace, one of the most polluting in the world. Menstrual panties are reusable and can be kept for many years. With them, your wallet will thank you and the planet too!

Personally, I will never go back to traditional methods again, I really like the comfort, the security it brings me. Besides feeling sexy in period panties, seriously!

To try it is to adopt it for life! So, ready to try the adventure of menstrual panties?

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