Created in 2020, ZAHKA is the 1st online platform which aims to bring together local creators (Quebec & Canada) specialized in the field of Wellness and Conscious Beauty.

 All in one place - one delivery fee!


Products selected, tested and approved by beauty specialist.

► LOCAL - only brands registered in Quebec & Canada

► NATURAL - clean beauty with a minimum of 50% natural ingredients

► CONSCIOUS - not tested on animals, respectful of our health & our planet

Commitment, Passion & Authenticity

With solid baggage in the field of aesthetics and marketing, I decided to combine my two passions in the service of ZAHKA.

I wanted to put my knowledge developed over the last 10 years (as an esthetician, cosmetician, beauty blogger) for the benefit of something more beautiful and bigger. Something unifying, which would make a difference in the lives of others as well as in mine!

What inspires you in life ?
My parents, especially my mother. They survived the atrocity of a war and gave me life (which was not expected at all in these particular times haha). I am, as it were, "a miracle". I have great faith in life: nothing happens for nothing. Destinies intersect, the stars align and everything becomes possible.

What would you like to change in the world ?
Individualism. There are so many things to do around us. Let's start now, this is when we need to be together the most.

What makes you feel good?
I am of a good nature, so a little glass of wine, the smell of a good little dish... I love discovering natural places by chance, throwing myself in the water when I feel like it, improvising outings , disrupt the routine. My madness is my balance!

Thea M.


ZAHKA Founder

Do you want to join Zahka as a partner, influencer, blogger or other? We can surely discuss it! Write us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.